10 year old girl allegedly stoned in Dadu.

In another horrendous case of honour killing in the country, a ten year old girl dies after her father and relatives stone her.

In the district of Wahi Pandhi in Dadu, a ten year old girl was stoned to death by her parents. The act is seen as yet another case of honour killing in Pakistan. In light of the news break, the police in Dadu took urgent action and arrested the prime suspects. The four suspects that were under custody for questioning were the parents, the maulvi who led the funeral and another man.

An FIR was filed alleging the father and close relatives of hatching a plan to stone the young girl. However, the parents refute the claim by stating that the death was a mere accident. A magistrate court ruled that a medical body was to be formed in order to determine the cause of death. According to an article by Pakistan Today, a final report is to be published three days following the exhumation and post mortem.

The authorities in Dadu are not ready to label the incident as an act of honour killing. They believe that until the investigation is not complete nothing can be confirmed. The authorities uncertainty about the case spiked following interviews with several people. According to an article by Dawn, some of the people were not aware about the incident at all while others believed that the incident did not happen completely.

The DIG believed that it was too early in the investigation to say what was the cause of death. However, he stated that process would remain transparent. The Dawn article also stated that an investigation team was dispatched to collect evidence. This was done to ensure whether the incident of stoning took place.

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