15 Things Every Freshie needs to know about SZABIST!

Becoming part of SZABIST, here are few things SZABISTIAN needs to know

1- Bag Bahar Se Dein. ID Card Nikale!

Regardless of whether you enter the campus for the 100th time, you need to give your bags and show id cards.
God what even?
Is it true that we are spies?

2- SZABIST Ka Juice Spot!

Now you don’t need to stress over not having a sound way of life!

SZABIST is a deliverer to this!

A Fresh Juice Spot is Available at 154 campus.

Isn’t it AMAZING!


3- Society Elections

It’s something like Nawaz Sharif vs Imran Khan in each other society.
Injustice vs Justice
Which Side to pick and which don’t.
Where to cast vote and where don’t …

4- Attendance Even After Break? Are You Serious?

‘Break ke baad nahe ayi thi class mai, you’ve been marked absent.’
‘Break ke baad late aye ho, your attendance is marked late.’
What comes after? 3 absences and….course failed.
….Wow. Are you getting school vibes?

5- Morning Classes?

Okay. But then, realize that we’re humans and nobody, literally NO SOUL likes waking up at 7 am, dressing up, going to Szabist and then getting to know the class has been canceled…
Mercy, please?
Is this some kind of a joke with us?

6- Looking For Your Programme Coordinators Is… No Less Than A Rubik’s Cube.

When asked at reception for your respective Programme Coordinator, you are told to look at the office.
‘Office mai hain’.
Knock on the door and guess whose inside?
‘No one!’
Thank you! We are honored with your presence.


Well, this should be worked upon. Have something better in store, thank god for Chaiwala behind our campus. However, the shakes and fresh juices to die for!

8- Let’s Go and Get Makaye!

90 campus is more known in light of the Makaye Wala outside there. With the blend of channa and makaye, the substance of the considerable number of flavours is a treat to your tiring day!

9- 154 Ki Chai

First things first, 154 is a campus, and not just a number. Due to its famous chai, it has become a “baithak” spot for all Szabistians where they can have those “deep” conversations and sip on delicious tea!


10- Flooded Campus

Students keep flooding in like bees. It’s literally a fish market here, with so many students getting newly admitted to this wonderful university. And the already present ones not graduating, it’s literally a traffic jam at SZABIST.

11- Marathon From One Campus To Another

When one class is at 90 and another at 154, students had to run a marathon to reach there on time. It gets super difficult to cope with.

12- Parking Problem

Even though now Szabist has its own Parking area, students still cannot find a place to park their cars and get late for their classes.

13- Cafe Cats

Yes! Szabist cafeterias are famous for their “Pet Cats”. They are super creepy and are always around. Jumping on tables to chasing you around campus, they do it all.

14- 3 Hour Gaps Between Classes.

It’s hell for Students when they have a 3 hours gap between classes. With traffic issues around campus, one doesn’t get enough space to even sit and take a breath.

15- Labs around the campus

Regardless of whether it be media, mechatronics, software engineering or biosciences lab, all are refreshed with late software and materials.

Additionally, It’s AIR-CONDITIONED!


Tag all your Szabist friends who can relate to all the madness, yet love this institute!