On The Editor’s Radar #01

Bonsai Shrimp & Coriander Clear Broth

If you’re a lover of Thai cuisine as well as seafood & some greens, processed flours added to your meals is a major put-off being a hopeless health-conscious soul, and hence you dig for some decent clear soup options when dining out and most of the time are disappointed learning how the dreaded corn-flour makes the base of most soups on the average menu cards of the Karachi, then Bonsai’s Shrimp & Coriander Broth is that one bowl of sheer happiness and nutrition that you’ll keep coming back for!


Samsung S8 +

Confessions of a recent Apple convert – I miss my Samsung already and terribly at that! More so because Samsung S8+ especially is too much of a pleasant distraction with its gorgeous exterior and optimum quality of the crisp camera and countless vivid in-built effects the tech-brand manages to unprecedentedly rule over! Unlike Apple which at every step calls for app downloads offering such scarce features in terms of photo/video editing etc. What, did you say “just for the sake of that 12 megapixel insanely fabulous camera and the editing affects the gadget offers?” Hell, yes! It’s always about the camera and these varied effects a phone can offer in this era, unless you’re not living in the same planet as I… 😉

Khaadi Embroidered Bootleg Denims

We all usually buy a pair of denims with the thought of seeing it last way longer than the other clothing in our wardrobe. That’s when the experimental you clash with the more rational you if you find yourself torn apart between trying embroidered jeans trend thinking it’ll be a short-lived fad or letting it pass. The Khaadi denims range made this quest rather simple for you introducing some seriously sexy fits in the all-time classic bootleg cut and chic floral embroidered patterns for you to snuggle into at an unbelievably economical cost for such a high-quality product. Get yours before it all get off the racks!

Kamila’s Yoga Classes

My first encounter with Kamila was at Core Karachi back in October last year. Today I have far more reasons to hold her in high-esteem other than just the fact that hers’ was the first-ever yoga class I took after having practiced it at home following books and videos for years. Having said that, I have had my share of exposure to some of the best yogis/yoga instructors from around the world, even it was in the virtual sphere and not in-person.

The ease & comfort with which Kamila gets into the head of each of her students is almost psychic as she effortlessly reads our fitness level and foresees how far we can go and how soon motivating us to push our limits the much we can and yet making sure to not over-challenge ourselves if we’re not ready to take the next big leap. Despite the advanced asanas Kamila beautifully performs for the class to follow amidst the usual intermediate level flows, her style of training is far from intimidating and very welcoming indeed.

Kamila teaches Yoga at Karachi Fitness Club and Core Karachi as we speak.

The Balm –Hawai Pallete Visage

This little pallet that consists of one blush, one highlighter/shadow, one lid shadow and one crease/liner shadow is all that you need when leaving home with the intent to have the luxury of fixing your makeup in a jiffy whenever, wherever.  It is cute as a button and is truly lightweight and compact to be easily accommodated in even the tiniest of your purses. Personally I love the crease color on my lids for the kind of smoky eyes that are not all-out dramatic but sensual nonetheless. The blush is that perfect all-day wearer of a basic pretty plush pink which every girl needs. The shiny lid color renders a look glamorous yet stay-put and not too glittery.  If you’re looking to expand your makeup collection, I say invest in this.


I play Taboo, he plays Taboo, she plays Taboo, we all play Taboo. Do you? It is on the same lines as Pictionary and Dumb Charades. Only, this one’s about making your friends guess a certain word by using any words you may like under the sun except for those that are marked as taboo on the card to describe it.

Tbe place we usually frequent for our Taboo rounds in Karachi is the Game Lounge (what was Verde earlier) near Szabist. On those purple couches, we pull a ‘Central Perk’ from the Friends Show.

Rupi Kaur Poems

No words to describe the beauty of Rupi Kaur’s poems except that her words are sacred. Follow her on social media to soon be agreeing with me on this.

Dark Chocolate Sugar-Free

Discoveries of a health-enthusiast! I am so glad to have found these ‘no sugar added’ dark chocolate bars by Valor! While it is simpler to find dark chocolate, it certainly is not so easy to spot a “no sugar added” variety! Yihhiiee!! And two squares isn’t a lot of net carbs just so you know in case you’re on the Keto diet 😉