3 Rapes. 3 People. 1 Day.

Rapes are becoming quite common nowadays, and it seems, that the law enforcement agencies have no such control over it. 1 day 3 rapes, is nothing but shameful.

If not in developed cities, the under developed cities are in the grasp of people with a really low mindset. Theft is common all over Pakistan, but this rape culture is getting out of hands now. Every now and then, a news pops up in regards to forced sex, across one part of the country or other and it is sad to see, not much culprits have been caught in this crime.

On Friday, 07-06-2019, three rape cases were recorded in Pakistan. Read again. RECORDED. ON PAPER. There would have been several other cases, where FIRs weren’t registered, and the cases weren’t reported. One incident took place in Haripur, where a 60 years old Tasaddaq, molested a 10 years old girl on Eid, when she went at his shop to buy grocery items. He threatened the girl with knife, yet she was brave enough to fight him and told her father everything. He was later arrested. Another incident took place in Tando Muhammad Khan, where a 13-years old Hindu girl was raped by two men after they intoxicated her by alcohol. She went out for grocery too, and was called by those two culprits who then raped her. These two ‘men’ were also arrested. And the third case took place in Sialkot where a brother was caught raping his sister. An already married brother. He too, was caught by the police and is now behind bars.

Rape has nothing to do what a women wears but it has to do with how man thinks about it. Our police agencies should be active in such cases, where the victims should be provided justice as soon as possible. These are those cases which were reported and registered, however God knows how many go unregistered always. May Allah bless this country and show people the right path.