4 out of 11 Miners’ Bodies Were Found

Trapped miners are being rescued.

The search operation had taken place in order to rescue the eleven miners that got stuck in a mine due to poisonous gas. Out of the 11 stuck, only 4 bodies were found that too after 40 hours of search. This incident took place on Sunday but the authorities were able to locate the bodies on Tuesday.

The Minister of Mines and Minerals Development Balochistan Shafqat Fayyaz said that the authorities are trying their best to find the trapped people and using every resource available to do so. The labourers have protested and demanded action against the people involved. The authorities responsible for rescuing are trying to look for the rest of the miners.

Mines that are thousands of feet deep usually have an accumulation of poisonous gases which are fatal. It can easily kill people hence; mining is one of the most dangerous professions in the world. Some measures need to be taken in order to help miners reach such depths and perform their jobs.

According to the Pakistan Central Mines Labour Federation, about 100 to 200 labourers die on average in coal mine accidents across the country every year.