5 Makeup Essentials You Need While Travelling

Are you always on the go? Does work demand you to travel endlessly and do you need to decide which makeup essentials to carry with you? Keep reading!

Are you a makeup hoarder? Do you like to test and try out new products all the time? No matter how much makeup I buy, I always seem to feel like I could use more. However, the real problem is that I can’t seem to carry an entire suitcase with me every time I head out; so, what are some of the makeup essentials that one should always have while on the go?

The majority of people in Pakistan are either studying or working, due to which they are constantly traveling. While work and study material is necessary, which makeup essentials should one keep are also just as important, you need to make sure that you look flawless throughout the day!

Here are a few tried and tested makeup essentials that you should always keep while traveling, whether you need a quick touch up or a whole new look- I’m sure these items will come in handy.

1- Lipstick

The most obvious of makeup essentials is your lipstick, lip liner, or liquid lip. When you’re out for long, you probably munch on a few things that could lead to your lipstick erasing. Also, lip shades tend to lighten over time, so it is always best to have your lipstick in case you need to do a reapplication. Also, you could probably carry two different shades, in case you want to switch up your look.

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2- Blotting Paper

For all you oily girls out there, blotting paper is a gift from God! With Pakistan and its humid climate, it will probably leave an accumulation of oil on your face. Some people tend to get oily around their T-zones, and some get oily around their foreheads; it depends on person to person. However, blotting paper is one of the makeup essentials you need to fix this problem. All you have to do is dab the blotting paper on your face gently, and it will absorb all excess oil- leaving you with a matte look.

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3- Blush

I don’t know how I would spend my days without blush- it has become one of my go-to makeup essentials. Blush is what defines your look; you could either choose a pinky tone or a subtler nude tone- the choices are endless! It doesn’t matter if you have a foundation or not if you have a blush and maybe a lip shade, it gives you the illusion of a full face of makeup. What else could you need? Blush is probably one of the best items to keep if you want to add some colour to your face and amplify your looks!

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4- Concealer

Since foundations can be bulky to carry and overall harder to apply since you’d need to start with a clean face; carrying a concealer is always wise. It is a makeup essential that you cannot go wrong with if you ever feel like your face could use some extra coverage in certain spots or even overall- you can just pop on your concealer and cover away!

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5- Eyebrow Powder

I mention eyebrow powder because it has multiple uses, for those of you who need to add the extra intensity to your brows on the go, this is the perfect makeup essential. Moreover, you can also switch up the use of your eyebrow powder and use the subtle brown shades as a contour and even an eyeshadow if you’d like- the choice is yours! Keep your look minimal or go all out, you can probably choose the intensity according to your preference.

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Your look and the way you feel about it is what defines you! It is important to feel confident while travelling no matter what your makeup preference is and which makeup essentials you choose.

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