5 Winter Jackets & Coats To Own Right Now!

Winters are just around the corner and I am super excited! Although living in Karachi, we don’t experience the cold weather much but we got to make the most of it, right? Winters call for sweaters and jackets and that means you get to play around with your outfits.

Clothing stores have already launched the winter collections and I have spotted some really cute coats and jackets are will allow you to make a fashion statement. Here are my top 5 picks:

Textured Jacket from Splash

Splash has an amazing collection out right now and this Textured jacket with tape detailing really caught my eye. It looks like a nice statement piece to pair with your outfit. I prefer the deep red color cause too much black in my wardrobe already.

Unstructured Leopard Coat from Mango

Mango is my favorite store at the moment and I am in LOVE with their winter collection. They have a lot of animal printed items in stock and this leopard coat is what i fell in love with. It’s so chic and eye-catching!

Pink Outfitters Jacket

Pink is my favorite color, which is why I’m a big fan of this jacket. However, it also has that street style vibe, which is another plus.

Antarctica White by BeOne Store

This full sleeve faux fur jacket just might be the softest thing out there! It literally feels like you’re wearing this trendy and chic blanket that makes you look like a true fashionista.

Pocket Tweed Jacket by Mango 

Like i mentioned, Mango is my favorite store and this jacket defines by style perfectly well. It’s cute yet stylish and will look great on my petite figure. I’m obsessed with this jacket and I would 100% recommend you to get your hands on it.

Get in the winter spirit by getting your hands on these jackets and coats!