50,000 Flood Victims Reach Karachi Reside In Relief Camps

Approximately 50,00 flood victims from Sindh and all over Pakistan have been been in Karachi and a lot more are to come in the next month.

As per Saeed Ghani, Labour and Human Resources Minister, approximately 50,000 Sindh flood victims who were evacuated owing to severe severe flooding and rain have reached Karachi and are now being lodged in different relief camps.

Several hundred thousand additional flood victims are expected to arrive in the provincial capital in the days ahead, according to Ghani, who chaired a meeting as chairman of the Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP).

According to the minister, no study has been undertaken to estimate the precise number of persons impacted by the state’s rains and floods. According to him, the number of flood casualties might be in the millions. He stressed that those who left their houses to fly to Karachi did so of their own volition.

Even during the meeting, he also stated that the PPP’s Karachi branch had established well over 65 homeless shelters to assist flood victims. PPP Sindh General Secretary Waqar Mehdi informed the conference that medical teams will be positioned at each relief facility to assist flood victims who were sick or injured.

Mehdi stated that the PPP-established camps do not take financial donations and that all financial donations from the public should be paid into the province state’s relief efforts fund’s checking account.

He stated that the PPP will strictly supervise the task effectively that will be conducted out around the city to rebuild the roads damaged by the monsoon rains. Sindh’s Women Development Minister, Shehla Raza, stated that specific measures must be made for the displaced children’s food and nutritional requirements. Shehla stated that the provincial administration has been addressing the unique health requirements of afflicted mothers and children.

According to PPP Karachi General Secretary Jawed Nagori, reliable data on flood victims coming from different areas of the city must be gathered. According to Nagori, persons who have been forced homeless owing to floods and want to travel to Karachi for emergency housing should be offered the most possible assistance.

Sindh Social Welfare Minister Sajid Jokhio stated that 25,000 flood victims had arrived in Karachi’s District Malir, adding that the district is getting 3,000 to 4,000 victims on a daily basis.

Jokhio proposed creating a homeless camp near the Northern Bypass as a central place for hosting flood victims rather than placing them in separate camps. He stated that the envisioned relief camp should have the greatest medical services.

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