A Campaign To Combat Harassment On Campus

Cases of harassment have made universities highly unsafe for women. A new initiative launched by the Salman Sufi Foundation hopes to change that.

Ideally, it would be great if women could go to university without having to worry about sexual harassment. However, in reality that is not the case. Women face the risk of sexual harassment on campus. Cat calling and derogatory remarks are common place. Women also face the risk of being touched inappropriately or falling victim to unwanted sexual advance. Taking all these issues into perspective, the Salman Sufi Foundation have launched an initiative to help tackle this issue of harassment.

The online initiative allows female staff and student to launch complaints online about any forms of harassment that they might have endured. Once the complaint has been made, they would be immediately connected in contact with lawyers and psychologists. Being in contact with a lawyer would provide these women with access to legal advice. They would be informed about the exact legal course of action to take.

Following the success of their Women on Wheels initiative, the Salman Sufi Foundation have come up with a new initiative to combat sexual harassment. (Source: Dawn.com)


Another aspect of the initiative involves working alongside the university to help revamp their existing policies on harassment. This would mean strengthening their already existing laws that are in place. If the university fails to comply, they would be deemed as unsafe by the foundation.

The implementation of the initiative would ensure that women would finally have an online platform by which they could share their experiences, speed up legal actions against perpetrators of the act, provide mental relief to victims and place pressure on universities to modify their current harassment policies to ensure a more safer environment for women.

The latest initiative would aim to ensure greater protection for women on campus. (Source: Dawn.com)
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