A Food Company That Prioritizes Quality

The number of food companies providing top quality meat is limited. However, this article highlights one such company that hopes to change all that.

It is no secret that the food hygienic standards in Pakistan are quite abysmal. There is a lack of food security measures in place. The authorities do not hold many food companies accountable for their malpractices. The company themselves do not care about maintaining high quality standards. For them their biggest priority is ensuring that they make enough profits.

Hence, it comes as no surprise that many of the places that sell and produce food often have poor hygiene standards. Food safety is of the utmost importance. It is pivotal that we provide the best quality food to our customers. By providing such poor quality food items, we put our population at risk of contracting dangerous diseases and illnesses.

The company is certified by national and international food authorities. (Source: The Organic Meat Company Pvt Ltd)


However, not all companies are like that. Some prioritize quality and safety over anything else. One such company is The Organic Meat Company. Beginning their operations in 2011, the company provides a wide range of meat products for its consumers. Initially, it had the capacity of producing three ton. Now, it has managed to increase its capacity to seventy five ton.

The Organic Meat Company provides high quality meat products that match international quality. The company is renowned for providing the most healthiest and freshest meat in the country. The company is also experiencing vast growth. This can be seen with its attempt to apply for a listing at the Pakistan Stock Exchange.

The company’s food exports are approved in the following countries. (Source: The Organic Meat Company Pvt Ltd)


The company hopes to provide up to forty million shares for potential investors to buy. Last year, it had earned up to two hundred and seventeen million rupees. It has also positioned itself as the largest meat exporter around. It sells it products to several markets across the Middle East and South East Asia.

The company is not only profitable but through its emphasis on quality and regulation, it has positioned itself as one of the leading meat production houses in the country.

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