A Relaxing Day Out at Canal Side Farms

In this pleasant weather, all you want to do is chill and have fun. Check out our thoughts about Canal Side Farms on our day off.

This hectic routine at office had fried our brains to the point that we all were getting exhausted by the end of the day. I thought to myself that maybe we all really do need a break. What’s better than spending a nice day relaxing besides the pool in this cool breezy weather? I took it upon myself to find the best deals and place in town for a day out.

We stumbled upon this page on Facebook called Canal Side Farms and after checking out all the pictures, we decided to give them a call. What happened next blew my mind away as their prices were literally a steal, I kid you not but seems like we were getting a pretty good deal for a day out.

Everything regarding the booking and payment was done and dusted and on the weekend we headed out to start our relaxing journey. Upon reaching, I saw how the whole place had a very raw and country-side like feel. Spread over 12 acres of land, it includes furnished air conditioned rooms, cattle and birds, well-kept pool, play area, game room and many more facilities for a price that seems like a total bargain.

The whole farm house was somewhere in the middle of a secluded village with no boundaries but since it was so far away from population, we had no fear of interference. There were helpers who helped us when required. The place was powered by generators hence we had no issues with electricity. Pools are a major attraction of any farm house and we got one too which had a shade covering and an artificial rain system along with separate showering areas near the pool.

After enjoying in the pool, we headed over to the sitting area which had sofas and chairs. The weather that day was quite pleasant, it drizzled for a while too and there was no sign of the sun as heavy clouds coated the sky like a field of white cotton. We had our lunch out in the sitting area; the cool breezy atmosphere was delightful. There was a barbeque section as well which we did not utilize.

The cattle and the birds were roaming around freely but they did not interrupt us at all. They seemed well trained, the ducks and hens were accompanying each other and having a great time as well in this weather. The best part about the whole place was the ample amount of plantation, various types of cactus, trees and green plants could be seen everywhere. The game room was air conditioned too with snooker table and a carom board.

There was a lot of room for playing games and enjoying as there were grounds too. We could have played many other games but it was time to leave. We all enjoyed to the fullest and had a very relaxing day. It couldn’t have been better than this in my opinion.

If you want to book this same farmhouse then head over to their Facebook page or contact on the number given below. Give them our reference and you’ll get complimentary soft drinks, grab this deal and get your booking done for either the weekend or weekday, whichever you like.

Contact Number:

+92 334 2879078

20% off for all bookings confirmed on 25th july and 26th july. #ElectionDeal #PakistanZindabadFor booking and details contact +923002256967 or +923111246002

Posted by Canal Side Farms on Wednesday, July 25, 2018


Aerial View – Canal Side Farms

Aerial View – Canal Side Farms.For booking and details contact : +923097944169

Posted by Canal Side Farms on Tuesday, June 12, 2018