Actor and Singer Azaan Sami Khan Says Goodbye to Ishq-e-Laa

As the drama drew to a close, Azaan Sami Khan used the opportunity to express his gratitude to everyone who contributed to his first television endeavour.

Azaan Sami Khan turned to Instagram to say his goodbyes to his role Azlan Ahmed, writing, “For days, I’ve been thinking about how I should say goodbye to Ishq-e-Laa. I’ve always heard performers claim that their first role will always remain with them, and I think I finally understand why. At this moment, all I can say is thank you. Whatever appreciation I have, it is nothing in comparison to the love you have all shown me.”

He also explained what this project meant to him as he began his acting career in the article  Ishq-e-Laa was an undertaking beyond my initial abilities, and I’d like to say thank all the cast members for undertaking this project and being my co-actors while having self-control and assisting me throughout this journey he wrote, praising producer Momina Duraid for assigning him with the task, director Amin Iqbal for helping and encouraging him along the way, and playwright Qaisra Hayat for offering him the role.

He also praised his teammates for constantly pushing him to improve. “I wouldn’t even be half the man you saw on TV without all of you,” the singer added.

He said he will be eternally grateful to everyone who has given him affection at this early period of his career, and to the naysayers who have criticised him and helped him grow. He genuinely wants to fulfil the expectations of all those who have put their faith in him.  The musician also replied to detractors by jokingly wishing that they will rethink him at some time in the future.

He also added he has always tried to live his life as an entertainer, and he prayed Allah would enable him to do so in the future as the post came to a close.

His goodbye message drew a lot of praise from fans as well as co-workers Adnan Samad, Zaidi, and Uzma Hassan, who portrayed Abid Ali, Azka, and Kanwal Sultan,

Singer Adnan Sami Khan, who is also his father, also dropped by to appreciate his son. “Well done! Proud of you kid. May Allah SWT make you fly high in the sky… but always keep your feet on the ground. Go for it! Love you bache (kid),” he wrote.

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