Afghan Chanel Broadcast a Women Panel to Discuss Women Rights

An Afghan news channel talked about how women are seen in Islam with all women panels who were covering their faces with masks.

In honour of International Women’s Day, Afghan station Tolo News on Wednesday broadcasted an all-female panel in its newsroom with a female audience. This was an unusual broadcast since the Taliban gained power and several female journalists quit their jobs or switched to working off-air.

And over 75% of female journalists had been laid off since the Taliban took control in August 2021, according to a Reporters Without Borders survey conducted the previous year.

On Wednesday night, a group of three women and a female moderator addressed the status of women in Islam while wearing face masks covering their faces.

According to Islam, women have rights, including the right to work and education, according to journalist Asma Khogyani, who spoke on the panel.

Last year, the Taliban banned most Afghan female NGO employees and barred women from attending universities.

According to Zakira Nabil, a panellist and former university lecturer, women will keep discovering methods to learn and work. “Women exist in our society whether you like it or not… She told the panel that if attending school wasn’t an option, she would learn at home.

The International Labour Organization reported that since mid-2021, female employment has decreased by 25% due to increased restrictions as well as the nation’s terrible economic difficulties. It was also mentioned that far more women were choosing to work for themselves at home as tailors.

On Wednesday, the United Nations Mission in Afghanistan urged the Taliban to end limitations on girls’ and women’s rights, labelling them “distressing.”

In keeping with their view of Islamic law and Afghan tradition, the Taliban have claimed to protect women’s rights. They have also claimed that the government have established a committee to look into any problems in order to work towards the resumption of girls’ schools.

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