Ali Sethi In Hot Water For Plagiarizing A Fan’s Artwork

Ali Sethi has recently gotten himself embroiled in a controversy online in which he is accused of plagiarizing artwork of a local artist.

Ali Sethi has made quite a remarkable impact on the music industry and has garnered a massive fanbase as a result.

However, in recent times he has come under various types of social media controversies.

Last year, when replying to a twitter user who questioned his lack of creativity, the artist body shammed the user. This sent social media into frenzy with many condemning the artist for his insensitive remarks.

Similarly, he called a female twitter user an ‘aunty’ for simply critiquing his lack of originality with regards to his music.

Ali Seth accused of plagiarizing a fan's artwork

Fast Forward to today and he is yet again in the spotlight for all the wrong reasons. This time for being accused of plagiarizing a fan’s artwork.

Ali Hyder, the fan in question, took to social media to express his discontent towards the whole situation. He displayed his frustration about the fact that his idol used his artwork without his approval.

The artwork was used as a cover by Ali Sethi for his song ‘Chan Kithan’. In fact, this artwork has been the cover of this song for two and a half years.

Ali Seth accused of plagiarizing a fan's artwork

In response to the allegation, Sethi said that while they credited the artist, they did not seek his permission because ‘they could not locate him on Instagram’.

Upon finding out that the cover has been used for two years, Mr. Hyder had expressed his further disappointment with the artist. He also dismayed Sethi’s comments on not being able to ‘locate him on Instagram’ to seek permission.

He said that he uploaded the art cover in 2018 and tagged Sethi’s sister Mira Sethi in the tweet. Thus, claiming that there is no excuse for not finding anyway to contact him and ask for permission.

The artist has yet to respond to the latest tweet but it is certain that this dispute is not over yet.

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