Amber Heard Opens Up About Depp Assaulting Her During His Drugs Detox

Amber Heard opens up about Johnny Depp screaming and beating her during their Bahamas trip while he was on his drug detox.

Johnny Depp’s ex Amber Heard is opening out about her harrowing trip to the Bahamas with ex-husband Johnny Depp.

From his first dispute with Heard, the 58-year-old resolved to give up narcotics. The starlet says that Johnny Depp kicked and smacked her, then after which she decided to quit it.

Heard informed Depp of her choice in a message, after that message he travelled to New York to battle for the marriage, to plead with her, to show he was clean and she felt he was ashamed and remorseful, and Depp was successful in convincing Heard.

“I brought him back and reconnected with Johnny on the premise that he keep his pledge to complete the treatment, detox, clean up, and never return.” In August of 2014, the pair travelled to the Bahama Islands.

She said Depp was “up and down” for the first four days, but then “calm.” Her ex-husband “broke into a rage at me, cursing at me,” she remembered. “Depp would be “yelling and fighting” while attempting to shake up a table that was firmly attached to the floor.”

He was “very peaceful” at other times, and she informed her that “all the time I saved his life, he wouldn’t be doing this without me.” Depp slapped her again in an instant, she remembered.

“I shouted something to him, and he became so enraged that he slapped me across the face like he was weeping.” It was the strangest thing; he was weeping and claiming that no lady had ever embarrassed him like that, that no woman had ever made him feel like that.”

“This was over my head, I don’t know how to detox someone, I don’t know how to treat them, I shouldn’t have been there,” Heard informed the jury.

“Because he asked me to, I didn’t realise that was the most fantastically foolish idea,” Heard said when asked why she accompanied Depp. I’m not sure why the physicians and nurses didn’t warn me.

She described the experience as hell. She told the jury he was hallucinating and accusing her of things she haven’t said and done.

Depp has categorically denied ever assaulting Amber.

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