An Insight Into Cybercrime and How to Prevent It

With the technological advancement of the web, the number of cybercrime activities has been increasing, It is empirical to prevent such actions, here's how!

With technology advancing and the dependence on the internet increasing day by day, it has become considerably vulnerable to certain criminal activities. In other words, the web is being widely misused by some users for all sorts of reasons. Have you ever experienced or witnessed inappropriate behavior or activities over the web? Something that probably feels like it doesn’t belong on the internet or it’s just not morally and ethically correct; there’s a high chance that you came across an act of cybercrime.

Cybercrime is generally known as any form of criminal activity that involves a computer and the internet. Cybercrime can basically use a computer to perform a particular crime or target a certain user(s) computer, on a lower scale; it can be used to threaten a person’s security and financial position. However, if done by a professional, it can be upgraded to such a level that it puts an entire nation’s security at risk.

This shouldn’t be taken lightly at all; cybercrime is known to be incredibly professionally organized.

How Does It Take Place?

As mentioned above cybercrime is done with great attention to detail and many cybercriminals buy and sell malware online on the dark web and they even get their malware tested to determine the efficiency of their viruses.

Once the criminal has gotten their malware inspected, they carefully intercept multiple systems. Cybercrime is now known to cause the most financial damage to many institutions. With many devices depending on the internet, it gives cybercriminals the opportunity to make as much money as possible and it gives them several mediums to attack.


Cybercrime can be as simple as intercepting a computer system by transmitting a virus to hacking the entire US stock market, it has many forms; here are some of the most common examples of cybercrime.

1- Malware:

The most common form of cybercrime in which malware such as a virus is created. A virus can easily be used to manipulate a particular user’s computer system as it infects the computer and destroys or corrupts files and slow down the overall performance of the computer. Viruses can also include multiple types of malicious software such as ransomware which basically asks for a specific amount of money before you can access the particular file.

2- Cyberbullying

Attacking people over the internet, harassing them, or stalking them endlessly is all a form of cyberbullying. Cyberbullying is a type of cybercrime that can further lead to destroying a person’s reputation online by releasing confidential data. Or it could lead to more dangerous events such as the cyberbully could be stalking you and planning a kidnapping situation.

3- Cryptojacking

Another popular form of cybercrime; the process where a hacker hijacks your device to mine cryptocurrency without your consent is known as cryptojacking, they normally gain access to your device once you visit an already infected or malicious website.

Prevention of Cybercrime

Now that you are aware of the several types and modifications in cybercrime- you should also learn the few methods that should be adopted in order to prevent yourself from becoming a victim of cybercrime. We’ve made a list of a few preventive measures that you should be taking in order to stay safe:

1- Download an Anti-virus

Anti-virus is essential while you are setting up your system; it helps you detect if anything suspicious is going on in your computer or on the website you’re currently viewing. Moreover, it will protect you from any uninvited viruses while also keeping away any other sorts of malicious activities, keeping you safe from cybercrime.

2- Don’t open spam emails or click random links

This is a rather obvious solution, one should refrain from opening any spam emails or fishy links; if it seems too good to be true then the chances are that it is too good to be true and a hacker is trying to lure you into their trap. So don’t open any links or emails without complete verification to stay wary of any cybercrime activities.

4- Update your software

The most important thing that we don’t pay as much attention to is software updates. Older software versions are more vulnerable to hacking attacks of cybercrime and can easily be intercepted which is why it is always wise to keep your devices up to date in terms of software.

With cybercrime and technology on the rise, we need to be wary and look out for one another. It is important to educate ourselves and the people around us so that we can prevent ourselves from falling victim to these crimes.

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