Are Enough Measures Being Taken for Coronavirus?

Government of Pakistan is taking measures to limit the spread of Coronavirus, but are they even doing it the right way?

Started from China, Coronavirus has now reached to almost every country on the globe. The spread was so rapid, that preventive measures couldn’t be implemented anywhere. Around two weeks ago, the virus apparently entered Pakistan. It came through a young boy who came from Iran to Pakistan. The alarm was called off later.  But in those two days while he was being kept in quarantine, things were going quite bizarre in the country. The prices for masks hyped in the market. People started panicking all around country, not realizing the strength of the threat. As for now, 5 apparent cases of Coronavirus have been reported in the country. The last one came today from Islamabad. Now what measures is the government taking to cope up with the disease?

Well, none as such. The only thing our government has done is to shutting down all the educational institutions across Sindh. They have shut down the educational institutions, that’s not important. The important point to raise is, why only educational institutions? There are other public places in Pakistan that should be shutting down, too, in order to contain Coronavirus. Regardless of the fact that the threat is not as immense as in any other country, precautions need to be taken, evidently.


Moreover, the government should also come up with other hospitals, where they can scan Coronavirus. Furthermore, the current hospital, AKH, is charging around 8,000 Rs, for one checkup. A poor person can not afford such a huge cost to go and get checked up for Coronavirus.

The Sindh Government should look in to this matter and bring up solutions that are actually helpful for the country, especially for the people of Karachi.

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