Are Petrol Pumps in Pakistan Not Selling Fuel Anymore?

PM Khan announced that the fuel prices that were set for June 2020 were the cheapest in South Asia. However, are petrol pumps selling fuel at those prices?

It has been reported that many petrol pumps in Pakistan are not selling fuel to the customers, claiming there is a shortage. With lines of vehicles crowding the petrol pumps, we must investigate whether businesses are just not following the prices set by the government.

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Is this how our petrol stations will start to look soon? How will we manage the ever increasing spread of COVID-19?

Recently, Prime Minister Imran Khan announced that the fuel prices that were set for June 2020 were the cheapest in South Asia. However, are people actually able to avail the cheapest fuel prices that were promised to them? Many people not only use these fuels for vehicles, but also for generators (especially in this heat)!

One of the customers in Dadu stated that even though the price is set at Rs 74 per litre by the government, the prices in petrol pumps are being fluctuated between Rs 75 per litre to Rs 79 per litre.

In Peshawar, the prices are reported to be around Rs 150 to Rs 175 per litre. The Pakistan State Oil (PSO) is said to still supply fuel, but only in small quantities of one or two litres due to the supposed short supply. Out of 71 filling stations, owners and managers of 16 petrol pumps were arrested for the violation of code of conduct.

In Kohat, the petrol supply has been suspended since June 1, and the pumps have exhausted their inventory of fuels.

The buyers in Muzaffargarh said that because of the fuel shortage, many people are now buying from wholesalers who don’t even have licences. These wholesalers are selling petrol from Rs 165 to Rs 200. Out of the four petrol stations in Kot Addu, fuel is not available in any of them.

What will be the government’s next step? Will the petrol pumps in Pakistan start to sell fuel at the set prices, or will the consumers have to suffer in this shortage? Let us know what you think in the comments!


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