ATTENTION! To all the stationary hoarders out there

Are you a stationary hoarder like me? Then this article is just about right for you to get all those color pens, notebooks and more from these five Instagram accounts.

If you’re someone who loves hoarding stationary and believes that it’s a great venture (because I do!) then most definitely you are stationary hoarder and it’s normal for you to visit stationary shops very often. I am pretty sure all the collectors have an organised drawer filled with adorable colored pens and pencils, highlighters, markers, washi-tapes, pretty notebooks, planners, and more.

Even a glance at aesthetic pictures of stationary over the internet excites you? All the colorful stuff gets you going and you can’t help but drool over them? You have always asked for stationary instead of clothes and gadgets on your birthdays? You can’t help but Post-it every small thing or notebooks to remind yourself of stuff like on refrigerator about grocery, on mirrors about routines and to-do list and even on the pile of Post-it to buy more of them.

In that case, my friend you are a stationary hoarder and these five Instagram accounts will light up your stationary hoarding world!

1- Natasha Zubair Stationary (@natashazubairstationary):

Stationary Hoarder- Runway PakistanYou think you have bought all the pretty notebooks or you might have seen all possible and totally adorable notebooks? You might wanna head over to @natashazubairstationary. Check your pocket money or so because I am sure you’d wanna place an order for those amazing notebooks from her insta account. While you’re it, have a look at their aesthetically pleasing sketchbooks and envelopes too.

2- P.I.E.C.E.S by The Blank Page (@thepiecesbytbp):

Stationary Hoarder- Runway Pakistan

Of course their Instagram account will make you drool all over and over again (happens with me all the time..) You can order form their vast range of stationary, based on exciting monthly themes they provide elite monthly subscription boxes too. Let me tell you, they are light on the pocket as well. Go ahead! this will be the best add-on to your hoarded stationary.



3- The Blingspot Studio (@theblingspotstudio):

Stationary Hoarder- Runway PakistanThis insta account is perfect spot for stationary hoarders. From pouches to notebooks and from sleek pens to cute washi-tapes and post-its; you name it and all can be found on @theblingspotstudio. It’s like a feast to eyes for every stationary lover out there. Get your hands on these beauties as soon as you can.


4- Inspire Me (@pvoinspireme):

Stationary Hoarder- Runway PakistanNeed motivation to work but your scheduling never goes as planned in head? Bored of sturdy and not-so-colorful planners? If you’re answer is yes, then you need @pvoinspireme‘s planners. They come out with new colors and designs every year, something a stationary hoarder can devour over.



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