Avengers: Infinity War (Movie Review)

Is Avengers: Infinity War the best Marvel movie to date?

Has there literally been any other movie like Avengers: Infinity war? We’ll leave that question to your imagination.

The perfection of a time of serialized, associated films, regularly prodding fans towards a giant crossover event. So, is it any good?

For sure. Not to forget it’s also by far one of the most challenging films in the genre as it’s certain to leave numerous fans shaking with outrage or nestled into a fetal position.

Expectations? Leave all those at the door because this film is rampageous and chaotic. But on the other hand, it’s also aesthetically created and especially ethically focused just like all superhero movies are.  

At focus is Thanos, a major baddie whose coming was already been projected in about six movies. His objective? To join six Infinity Stones, wellsprings of awesome galactic power. Unlike other conquerors, Thanos is not at all interested in ruling the world, instead, he wants to destroy half of the galaxy. Channeling Malthusian theory, he considers that the universe must be “adjusted” by assassinating half of every living being.

On the contradicting end are truly relatively every character in the last decade of movies from the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Don’t forget tissues, Thanos didn’t treat most of them well.

In any case by chance, you think you know who lives and who bites the dust, set regardless of your desires. One issue with watching this movie is it is so brimming with bluffs and confusion, you continue sitting tight, waiting for the death of a major character.  To simply enjoy this movie, you’ll have to STOP anticipating or else you’ll have to watch it multiple times.

And now a final request: Please don’t spoil movie for others. Make sure before you discuss it in public, there is no crazy fan around who haven’t watched it yet.