Bank Alfalah makes banking easier with its alternative delivery channels

Alfa by Bank Alfalah makes every transaction much easier and efficient for you and over 750 ATM situated across the country makes it even more accessible.

As we all are instructed to practice social distancing, our daily life activities have come to a halt. Everyone around the globe is switching to digital and that includes banking as well. Banking without human interaction seems like the need of the hour. Hence, Bank Alfalah’s Alfa app and ATMs are a lifesaver.

With Bank Alfalah’s Alfa App, you can carry out all transactions without a worry. If you have no access to the app then fear not as Bank Alfalah has 750+ ATMs all across Pakistan which perform all the functions similar to Alfa App.

Bank Alfalah 24×7 Banking Through ATM and Banking Facility | Runway Pakistan

We have made it easier for you!With Alfa or 750+ Bank Alfalah ATMs nationwide, fulfill all your banking needs 24×7 with convenience and security. From FREE IBFT & Funds Transfer to Loan & Utility Bill payments and mobile top-ups do all with Alfa or any of our Bank Alfalah ATMs.#BankAlfalah

Posted by RUNWAY PAKISTAN on Monday, April 20, 2020

Services You Can Avail:

The services you can avail through the Bank Alfalah’s Alfa App and ATMs are:

  • Free Inter-Bank Funds Transfer
  • Free Funds Transfer
  • Cash Deposit (Via Cash Deposit Machine)
  • Cash Withdrawal (Via ATMs)
  • Utility Bill Payment
  • Loan Payment

IBFT allows you to transfer funds to either any account in Bank Alfalah or any account in another bank for free. All these services do not require any human contact and some can be availed from the comfort of your home. Not only are both the mediums safe and fast but also highly secure. Each and every transaction made either through Alfa App or ATM is secure and reliable.

In times when one needs fast transactions, digital banking is one of the ways which can help in delivering the amount safely, swiftly and securely. Long gone are the days when you’d have to pay bills while waiting in long queues, login to your app and pay all your bills through Alfa App efficiently.

The ATMs are easily accessible from any city, as it’s quite clear from the quantity that Bank Alfalah has. You can access it 24×7 without inconvenience. They also have a list of their operational ATMs on the website so you are aware of where to go. One can not miss it and that’s what makes it even better. Ease and security make every transaction less worrisome and keeps you stress-free.

Bank Alfalah Alfa App

For more information, you can call 111-225-111

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