Is Being Handsome a Basic Pre-requisite to Governance?

Being handsome isn't enough. One needs to know how to keep the people in his country happy and satisfied.

When respectable Imran Khan came in to governance, Pakistanis were quite glad. For them, the winner of ’92 had taken over their country. But ruling a country is much different than captaining a cricket team. The promises that were made, initially, have not been fulfilled yet. However, the current government is taking away the basic needs of every citizen. In Pakistan, people are killing themselves because of poverty. Well, not that they are getting more poor, but the prices are on a hike instead.

The least one poor person can have in a day is lentils and bread. Like, that is a necessity. The basic food. But today, lentils and a bread for one person costs 120-130 Rs at least. Why? Because the rates of every individual product has kept increasing in the last year. Recently, a person killed himself because he couldn’t provide warm clothes to his kids. Then another man set himself on fire because he couldn’t provide food to his kids. Some people are going on for two to three days without having food at all.

All this is happening so that the loan that the country has taken can be returned back, with interest. In doing so, the rates for every thing has increased with time. Be it dollar or petrol, be it food or commute, be it any basic thing. The people didn’t vote for this. They votes for an easier lifestyle.

It is an honest advice to those responsible. Don’t kill your own people, because if they revolt against you, they would turn out to be the worst of all. We hope people get justice. And an easier and better lifestyle. There would be no benefit of returning the loan, Sir, your people aren’t with you.

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