Berlin From Money Heist Is All Set To Get His Own Show

Berlin is considered a fan favorite from the Spanish heist thriller Money Heist. Now, Netflix has confirmed that he will be getting his own separate show.

Berlin (played by Pedro Alonso) is regarded as one of Money Heist’s most favorite character. Many fans had expressed their sadness at the character’s demise in the second part of the first season.

However, Berlin does appear in the latter seasons as a past figure, way before the initial heists were carried out. Though there is some exciting news for fans of the character and the show itself.

Netflix has announced that they are working on a spin off show for the character which is set to release in 2023.

Berlin is all set to get his own show on Netflix.

Despite the announcement, there has been no news on the exact details of the show. Thus, showcasing the creator’s desire to keep the storyline hidden from the public till its eventual release.

As far as the current show is concerned, the final five episode installment is set to release on 3rd December. The trailer of the show was released a month before with many fans wondering how the show will conclude.

In the trailer, it was noted that the character of Lisbon had become the narrator since Tokyo died in the previous installment. It also shows the professor himself barging into the Bank of Spain.

The scene has left with so many questions that will only be answered once the show releases this Friday on Netflix.

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