Building Collapsed in Karachi Takes 16 Lives

The building that collapsed in Karachi has taken 16 lives till now. Whose fault is this actually?

In every country, all around the world, there are certain rules to erect a building. In Pakistan, too, there are certain SoPs after which construction at a particular place takes place. The number of floors in a house depends upon the size of the plot and varies with areas. However, people in Pakistan are not much in to following rules. And when it comes to construction, people construct buildings on their own will. And then those buildings collapse because the base isn’t strong enough to hold extra floors and extra material in a building.

This is what happened in Gulbahar-1 area of Karachi. A five-story building came to ground, while bringing down other two buildings with it. The main building, was under construction, as a sixth floor was being added to the building. Obviously, the base wasn’t strong enough to hold so much floors in a 66-yards house. As for now, 16 people have lost their lives because of a major negligence.

The state has launched an FIR against those who they think are responsible for the accident. The FIR includes section 322, 119, 427 and 190 against the owners of the building.

According to Commissioner Karachi, Iftikhar Shallwani, an inquiry would be set against those responsible. And also, as to why did the incident actually take place. Chief Minister Sindh, Murad Ali Shah, has also demanded an explanation as to what happened in Gulbahar-1.

It is not the government who is wrong here. It is the people who lack the basic understanding of risk, that they take over such major things. It is high time we start following the rules of our country.

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