Cabinet Appoints Nausheen Amjad As New FBR Chairperson

The Selection Committee unanimously recommended Nausheen Amjad as Chairperson of FBR, after Shabbar Zaidi took an indefinite leave for health reasons. 

In the last 20 months, we have seen the Chairperson of Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) change 4 times including the latest reshuffle to bring in Nausheen Amjad.

The Government secured the approval from the Federal Cabinet by circulating the summary instead of bringing the discussion up in a regular cabinet meeting that was scheduled for Tuesday (April 7). Furthermore, the cabinet has also approved the decision to terminate Shabbar Zaidi prematurely due to his indefinite leave that was leading to huge losses.

What do we know about the new Chairperson of FBR Nausheen Amjad?

Nausheen Amjad (BS-22) is presently posted as Member (Admin) of the Inland Revenue Service Group with an additional charge of acting Chairperson FBR. The Selection Committee unanimously recommended her for the job, after Shabbar Zaidi took an indefinite leave for health reasons.

Nausheen Amjad is the second woman who will be leading the FBR. She is one of the most senior and experienced official of the Inland Revenue Service Group who has spent nearly 35 years on various positions at FBR. This will be her last year in the service, as she will be retiring in April 2021.

Challenges Ahead for the Chairperson FBR

Former Chairperson of FBR Shabbar Zaidi

The new Chairperson of the FBR will have to face the declining tax revenues and deal with the restructuring of the top members of the FBR. This was an issue that Shabbar Zaidi had not been able to deal with, as he transferred thousands of people in low ranks without replacing the top hierarchy.

Nausheen Amjad would also have to tackle the corrupted image of the FBR. There have been reports of some officers who are accepting “kickbacks” in return of adding the names of taxpayers in the list of those who will receive tax refunds on a priority basis under PM’s COVID-19 relief package.

The tax collection had a much larger gap than what was expected by the experts in terms of COVID-19. One of the leading experts, Ashfaq Tola, also stated that delay in appointing a new chairperson caused Rs2 billion a day loss of revenues.


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