CEBO- Constructing The Golden Era for Small Scale Entrepreneurs

CEBO 2nd Culinary and Hospitality Awards were an incredible success, which made waves across Pakistan! Primarily, an event to garner recognition for home based entrepreneurs and culinary related businesses. This event was one of the biggest competitions to take place within the culinary industry in Pakistan, organized by Chef Samia Jamil who is the President, Founder & Community Leader of CEBO Group, CEBO Management Company, and CEBO Team.

The intent of this competition was to highlight the culinary heroes, which were honored with awards that were defined for multiple categories. With an aim to celebrate those who have gone above and beyond in their culinary journey and business even during the pandemic, and those who deserve key recognition.

The CEBO Awards has chosen to encourage and recognize the work of chefs across the country, and even those that have put people and their community first. The traditional food media these days is all noisy and saturated, it’s easy to get swept up in the process, but awards and organizations like these are taking a big step towards honoring small scale entrepreneurs.

Moving on to what CEBO essentially does, it works on honing the craft and growth of the skills of entrepreneurs, so that they can surpass every field they step into. This event was one of the biggest platforms and was a great opportunity for showcasing work and abilities of entrepreneurs. Another achievement was that this platform was open to the people from across the country, more than 20 notable attendees travelled from interior Sindh to participate in this award show.

Many notable persons graced the event with their presence, and they were also seen presenting the awards. The honorary guests were; Chef Naheed Ansari, Salma Zafar, Chef Samina Jalil, Chef Saima Maqbool, Pervaiz Ishtiaq, Sheikh Khalil ur Rehman, Rafiq Vayani, Alia Sarim Burney, Anas Farooqi, Chef Asad Latif Mohsin Rizvi, Nazia Ali, Durre Shehwaar, along with many others.

Runway Pakistan, Billboard Pakistan, Biz Pakistan and PTV Station were the main media partners for the grand awards.

We truly stand for recognizing talent across the country and promoting it through all means possible, this is how we will progress as a nation for the times to come!