Chaand Tara Orchestra Creating Waves In Pakistans Pop-Rock Market

Chaand Tara orchestra has dropped their latest album which brings the love for the syncretic sounds from Sufi culture into these tracks and leaves us wanting more.

The Karachi based band features Shehryar Raza on vocals, Babar Sheikh on bass guitars and synthesizers,  Omran Shafique on lead guitars and Rizwanullah Khan on the harmonica and percussions.


The album comprises of seven songs in total and is a devotion to the Sufiana Kalaam by an array of Sufis, the melodies amalgamate both; current 21st century aesthetic and the classics of 13th century. Lyrics that speak to your heart and mind; The band has done utter justice to them.

Rang De is a kalaam by Amir Khusro, ‘Mohe Rang De, Mohe Apnay Hi Rang Me Rang De’, praising the beauty of the Lord and how it is incomparable to any other. It stitches together the threads of many cultures into a syncretic whole.

A humble, rather respectful rendition of Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan’s Makki Madni has acclaim of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) for his great stature and how he is incomparable to the rest;there is a remonstrance by his devotee, as to why there has been bloodshed in the name of religion, but by the end of it the follower continues on quest for all the answers keeping in mind the immense love for the Holy Prophet and the message he had carried forward for humankind.

The execution of Meda Dil by the band leave one awestruck. The entire album is sure to leave its listeners spell-bound , the list of songs which are seven in total, comprise of; Meda Dil, Nami Danam, Durood, Khaak Nasheen, Makki Madni, Rung De and Ishq Kamal.

Regarding the album launch which took place, the vocalist  Shehryar Raza said “Work and struggle have gone hand in hand for many years but the feelings when ones own album is launched is beyond compare”, he added “When we were in the process of composing songs for the album, we did not focus on what the market would perceive it as; rather our focus was on the real feel of the songs and the attachment we have towards our music and composition.”

Babar Shaikh, the bass player of CTO when questioned about the struggles which took place whilst composing the album, said “While making Original content, production is the most important element, in Pakistan we don’t have music producers as per say but we are very lucky to have Omran Shafique who is the lead guitar player of the band, he himself is a producer”, he went on to say, “The biggest challenge was to see if the direction we have in our minds is being interpreted right into the audio, which it was. The most difficult thing to do is put forward something which is different from the rest.”

Chaand Tara Orchestra’s latest album has stood true to form and is a fabulous one to get immersed in. Skillfully crafted by artists who have fathomed what making music truly is all about.

The full album is out now on ‘Patari‘.