Chacha Cricket is finally getting a Global Fan Award

Chaudhry Abdul Jalil, a 70 year old die-hard cricket fan is receiving a Global Fan Award

You must have seen chacha cricket whether you’re a die-hard cricket or not because he has been a sensation in our country. Chaudhry Abdul Jalil, known as chacha cricket will be receiving a global fan award as a recognition for his services to cricket in general and Pakistani cricket in particular.

He has been seen hoisting a Pakistani flag in many matches all over the globe whether it’s England or the Caribbean; he’s always there to support his beloved cricket team for over five decades now.

On the occasion, he stated:

After five decades of Cricket frenzy madness I am overwhelmed to get my first global recognition. This is an emotional moment for me and I would like to thank my family and all well-wishers who stood beside me.

He has witnessed many matches over the course of almost 50 years and has seen many legends live in matches such as Javed Miandad, Sachin Tendulkar and many more. He has seen the Pakistani cricket team evolve and become what they are today and has seen them struggle as well but he stood by their side as a support system for them no matter what.

He will be receiving the global fan award on 14th of June, at the ICC World Cup 2019 in Manchester along with two Indians, a Sri Lankan and a Bangladeshi cricket fan.