Chester CareS; a Social Cause

Chester Bernard, a clothing brand, & Rehan Sehan, a non-profit organization, are working together to provide people with clothes. Tap to know how!

Poverty is on its peak and those who are in need are yet humans after all. They think about their children and how they want their children to be in good health at the end of the day. Parents work hard, day and night, just to pay the school fees for their children, who are for sure, the creams of the country, as they know what hardship is.

  • Chester Bernard –

Chester Bernard is a clothing line that makes the best quality shirts and sells them at different outlets. With the best of the best quality shirts, as a brand, Chester Bernard has its very own loyal customers who don’t only think abiut themselves but also about those in need. According to the CEO of Chester Bernard, Mr Faraz Salahjee “This idea basically came up because of our customers who always questioned us as what to do with the shirts that aren’t used anymore, and that is when this idea came to our mind, but couldn’t find a suitable place to giveaway the shirts, and that is when we were introduced to Rehan Sehan”



CEO Chester Bernard while explaining the audience at Mews

  • Rehan Sehan –

Rehan Sehan is a branch of AlWasila, an organization which helps those in need. Rehan Sehan has a really good motive. They don’t give away anythingfor free, but at a price that is affordable by almost anyone in this country. Running under Mr Asim Ismail, Rehan Sehan was initially made to sell furniture, that was bought by those who were to throw it was and was repaired to a condition almost as good as new, at a discounted rate which is feasible for all.

CEO AlWasila telling audience about collaboration with Chester Bernard

  • The Goal –

Now, Chester Bernard is working alongside Rehan Sehan, where used shirts in perfect conditions will be given to Rehan Sehan, who will further sell it at a discounted price of almost 70%-80%, which means a shirt might not cost more than 100 Rupees. Is not this amazing?

  • Power Box –

Obviously, non-profit organizations love our input. In case you feel like helping others out, you just have to buy their ‘Power Box’. This is a tissue box, with a place to save money which will be collected by riders at the end of every month. At any happy occasion all you have to do is slide some money inside the box, as to celebrate the happy moment of life. Easy, isn’t it?

The link to obtain Power Box :

We hope this good cause works steady and good, because very few are left who still worry about those in need.