Content Marketing Strategy: Incorporating Memes Can Do Wonders For You

Employing targeted memes relevant to people as part of your content marketing plan can result in the creation of brand loyalty and a lot more!

Having been nurtured by social media, the meme culture is all about creating engagement on topics everyone’s talking about and having some fun along the way. Therefore, your brand needs to include memes in your content marketing plan if you aren’t already.

Employing targeted memes relevant to people as part of your content marketing plan can result in the creation of brand loyalty, a sense of community around your offering, and even enable you to penetrate newer segments of consumers altogether.

Here is How:

Memes Enhance Engagement

Memes are extraordinarily shareable, and as part of the predominant social media culture, they help people connect via humor. When done right, memes have the potential to excite and engage people in humor laden discussion surrounding your brand while also prompting them to share brand-related content – posts, blogs, and videos in their network.

Memes Entertain Audiences

Users thoroughly talk about a brand when memes are entertaining them, and the brand remains on top of their minds. For instance, after the Coca-Cola campaign with the slogan of “Zalima, CocaCola Pila De,” Lipton clapped back with a meme-style advert piquing the audience’s interest in the ensuing “brand-war.”

Memes Let You Be Creative

Memes allow for much room to get the creative juices flowing. You don’t necessarily have to ride on the wave of the latest trending memes; you can create your own! Once you know what your audience is most likely to respond to, you can be creative by developing your memes from scratch.

For instance, a while ago, Careem took the opportunity to take a dig at the toxic Rishta aunties, inherently despised and mocked by the present generation. The campaign was built on original memes and presented the customers an option to request Rishta aunty services, prompting widespread social media reactions and generating much clout for Careem.

Final Thoughts

It’s almost impossible for brands today to avoid social media when it comes to digital advertising, and memes form an integral component of contemporary social media trends. Using memes as part of the content strategy can do wonders for your marketing goals and help you go viral since most social media users comprise memers who love to troll.

By Ahsan Zafeer

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