Corona Heroes: The Real Heroes During Outbreak

Corona heroes are the ones who are putting their lives at risk and helping others. These are the people saving humanity during the coronavirus outbreak.

During the outbreak of a pandemic, there’s a lot of chaos amongst people of every nation. The war is to be fought by every human regardless of age, gender and race. And such times call for heroes that save the day by being at work. These are the real corona heroes of the year or probably the decade.

Doctors & Healthcare Staff

Doctors and healthcare staff all over the world has not backed off. The medical industry is on high alert and fight back with this virus as much as possible. These people are the real corona heroes because they aren’t scared to fight back. Doctors and nurses are working tirelessly and even doing overtime wherever it is required with proper precautionary measures of course. The whole world recognizes their huge contribution during these tough times to save humanity.

Police & Army

When a lockdown is announced, people are expected to stay at home but these brave lads don’t. They’re expected to keep an eye on everything and everyone. Patrolling throughout the city and double-checking wherever is needed. Maintaining the decorum and questioning whoever isn’t following orders. These corona heroes are trying their best to be protectors of humanity.

Journalists & Media Personalities

The journalists and other media personalities have been working extra shifts too. These people are providing us with every kind of authentic news, whether it’s AM or PM. They have not taken an off regardless of the lockdown.

Politicians & Leaders

During an outbreak, politicians and leaders have a crucial role as they have to make all the decisions. One poor decision can lead us all to our doom. Hence, they scrutinize every situation and analyze it after which a decision is made. These corona heroes have a lot on their shoulders right now.

Volunteers & NGOs

All the volunteers and NGOs out there who are working to serve humanity, you guys are also the real corona heroes. These people are hosting ration drives and providing food to the daily wage workers who are suffering. Some are also providing shelter to the homeless during this time so they can be safe from the virus by not being out on the streets. The homeless are the most exposed to this due to lack of proper hygiene.

And last but not the least, you. You’re also a hero if you’re at home because you’re saving yourself and others from this virus. By being in quarantine, you’re protecting everyone around you so you’re also one of the heroes!

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