Corona Virus Strikes Over the World Yet Again

Life had just begun to go somewhat back to normal, as we learnt to embrace the new normal; the second wave of the Corona Virus is on its way.

February 2020 was a dreadful month, the beginning of this entire Covid-19 mayhem. The Corona Virus is a deadly virus that affects people’s immune systems and somehow makes it extremely hard to breathe.

The world has been trying to cope with the virus ever since it originally began from China and spread worldwide and with no vaccines on board, there is nothing that could’ve been done about it except for taking major precautionary measures.

Precautionary measures, we did. The entire world was affected by the Corona Virus and went into lockdown since March, with educational institutes to shopping centers put on a halt. The only time people were allowed to leave their homes was to shop for necessities or in case of an emergency.

Now come July 2020, when the world had finally begun to come to terms with the coronavirus and embraced this new normal by resuming normal activities within the states, however, ensuring strict SOPs and avoiding too much of a crowd.

Looks like we spoke too soon, as everyday life resumed in certain states there was a sudden spike in Corona Virus cases. It could also have been due to the increase in the number of testing, nevertheless, the cases have increased. Experts had already said that Corona was not to be taken lightly, and even if the world had managed to curb it to some point; there is bound to be a second wave of the Corona Virus.

Europe currently has been facing a rapid spike in coronavirus cases. Some states have said to notice more cases in August than normally. The UK managed to register 3,539 cases on Saturday. Moreover, France and Italy, the most affected European states previously have begun to see a rapid rise in Corona Virus cases again. France declared 10,561 new cases on September 12, the highest figure to be recorded yet.

Similarly, with Pakistan reopening schools, this is something that must be taken into consideration as well. Recently, a medical college in Pakistan known as Riphah Medical College was sealed after the government found out 16 new Corona Virus cases from the college.

There is no denying that the second wave is a very possible option and we must be extremely cautious about it, for the world to function normally and in a healthy manner.

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