COVID-19 and the not-so-flattening Curve in Pakistan

The cases of COVID-19 in Pakistan are increasing day by day and there seems to be no end to it. What can the Government do in such a time of distress?

Since March, the COVID-19 cases have only been increasing. The cases were just starting when the lockdown was imposed in Sindh, which later was installed all over the country. However, with time, the restlessness in people made them get out of their homes. And this became the prime reason for an unexpected increase in the number of COVID-19 cases all over the country. The lockdown was shattering the economy but was giving a chance to people to survive in these certain times. Now, the cases have reached to 132,400 cases, summing up the deaths to 2,550 all around Pakistan.

The opening of markets in the last 10 days of Ramadan spiked the number of COVID-19 cases. The Government should have imposed a curfew, and not a smart lockdown, to contain the situation after Eid holidays. One month curfew, would have given the COVID-19 patients a chance to recover, the carriers to be or not to be infected and those not infected, to remain safely at home. This would have helped the government to fight COVID-19 in Pakistan to fight the disease in one month only.

The increase in cases has now created havoc all around Pakistan. Hospitals don’t have beds to cater to patients. The country is facing a severe shortage of medicines required to fight COVID-19. Doctors are claiming patients to be infected with COVID-19 when they are not. And patients are now, not taking the virus seriously. If only it wasn’t a ‘smart lockdown’ and was a curfew indeed, after Eid, things would have been better in Pakistan.

Still, we can hope and pray that things do get better with time, and people recover out of COVID-19. Also, the country stays in a stable position, not crumbling the economy to its worst.

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