Covid-19: WHO Warns US Could Be the Next Epicenter

WHO warns that US could be the next epicenter for covid-19 as there has been an increase in the number of reported cases in the last 24 hours.

Coronavirus, referred to as Covid-19, is spreading rapidly across not only Europe or US but the whole world. In the last 24 hours, 85% of the reported cases have been from the European and US region. 40% are from the US and that’s why WHO thinks it has the potential to be the next epicenter if the situation is not contained.

Margret talking about covid-19 coronavirus, WHO

Margaret Harris, a spokesperson for the World Health Organization, replied to a question which asked about the US being the next epicenter:

“We are now seeing a very large acceleration in the numbers of cases from the United States — so it does have that potential. We cannot say that that is the case yet, but it does have that potential.”

China combated Covid-19 by taking strict measures. Wuhan, the origin city of coronavirus, has been under a lockdown ever since. The lockdown in Wuhan will end on April 8. Hence, that shows that US also needs to take strict measures before the virus spreads. According to John Hopkins Coronavirus Resource Centre, the US is currently standing in 3rd place, after China & Italy, with over 55,000 cases of coronavirus reported.

Pakistan, however, is currently standing at 29th position globally with 972 reported covid-19 cases and 07 deaths. Margaret Harris agrees with putting societies into quarantine as she says it has slowed down the spread of the virus. Many countries have been in total lockdowns, including Pakistan, and the results have been positive.

She also said:

“But to defeat the virus, to stop it, countries also need very aggressive targeted tactics, testing every suspected case, isolating and caring for every person known to be ill and also tracing and quarantining and finding every close contact.”

This means that the countries that have the most cases need to be vigilant and follow the tactics. It’s all about making wise decisions which may seem hard but will yield fruitful results.

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