Dear Mr. Nawaz Sharif and Party, You All Are Inhuman!

The FORMER Prime Minister of Pakistan Nawaz Sharif is an innocent fella. He doesn’t know what his guilt was that he has been removed the prime position of the country. This is why, he has taken upon himself to rally around the hub of his strong followers and claim that he has been wronged by the Supreme Court of Pakistan.

His ‘unlawful’ disqualification has given him the right to use public money in order to gather all the support he can and March around Punjab proving his worth. In the midst of this all, his ruthless envoy has killed an innocent child. And what was his crime? He found his way in the midst of rally without knowing that he would be crushed by the car! His father has been into coma since then, because he couldn’t control losing his son.

We want answers! We want answer from each and every PML-N member who was in this convoy, and is responsible for the demise of this innocent kid. Dear PML-N and co. the blood is in your hands.

Stop pretending that you all are innocent fools, because you are not! You are drinking the blood of this public to further your own agenda. But don’t forget that anyone who touches apex can also taste the mud.