This Deepika-Ranveer Cuddling Video Is The Cutest Thing Ever

Deepika and Ranveer are the star Bollywood couple, and even the prospect of them not being together shakes us all up. Recently, different news and sources indicated that the couple might have broken up. But, that’s not the case as of yet. *Sighs* Who wouldn’t want to let go of DeepVeer. Right? I would stop having anything related to Bollywood, if this couple ever splits up.

To all the people who wanted confirmation of Deepika and Ranveer’s relationship status, we have it! The adorable couple was spotted cuddling and having fun time together at a party. Zoom TV got hold of the scene, and literally zoomed in to capture the duo at a private bash, standing in balcony while talking to some other people time and again.

If you need even more confirmation of the LOVE status of the two, here you go again:

This couple and its PDA is definitely couple goals. We still can’t get over them, even though they have been together for five years. Sure, the DeepVeer fans are going to be extremely happy. Get married you two, already!