Desi Diners – Restaurant Review

A restaurant has opened up at Khadda Market, with delicious desi food and an ambiance to crave for. Here is an exclusive review for Desi Diners.

When it comes to desi food, our instant thoughts go the chain of restaurants located at Burns Road.  But if all that comes with less cost and good ambiance, isn’t that really good? Well, Desi Diners is the place that you should go to.


The restaurant is located at Khadda Market, in front of Yoshi’s. With a grand entrance, Desi Diners gives a look of those countryside restaurants with wood all around. As it has an open air sitting area, you might find people smoking around, but that shouldn’t bother you much. They have decorated the huts with fairy lights, where people sit in and have food. The elegant cutlery and cleanliness adds up as a positive point for the diners there.


The waiters and waitresses serving the food there were really humble and kept on checking up if we needed something more. The brought food timely and served it decently around. The manager also kept coming in from time to time to see if everything was okay and up to the mark.


The actual thing, food. We ordered several dishes and they all were up to the mark.


As a starter, we ordered soup. Neither too rich nor too watery, the consistency of the soup was just about right. The sauces alongside were served separately with prawn crackers to make it even more appealing. It was served well in a cup, with shredded chicken garnished on the top just like anywhere else.







We ordered Chicken Karahi at Desi Diners, which was actually mouth-watering.

Desi Diners - Restaurant Review

The meat was well cooked and above that, it had enough gravy to go with the chicken. With the right amount of spice and a tasty naan to go along with it, the Karahi is worth having at minimal price. One handi could easily serve 3-4 people, at max.





Kebabs & Botis:

Desi Diners served us with a platter that contained Malai Boti, Grilled Chicken Pieces and Seekh Kebabs. The best thing about them was that they were well cooked. They presented us in the right proportion so that nothing seemed to be out of context. The best thing amongst the platter was the Malai Boti, which was actually very soft and tasty.


We ordered soft drinks, which were the regular ones, obviously. But along with that, they had their fresh squashes, which were amazing. They were of the right proportion and just soothing enough not to sore your throat.





All in all, the food and drinks were amazing with minimal price and good quality food.

So, what are you all waiting for? Go now and dine in at Desi Diners today!!



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