DIY Pepper Spray for Self Defense

Keep a handy dandy pepper spray for self-defense in a society where we're surrounded by predators. Making your own sounds even better.

Self-defense is very important in this era. We live in a society where we’re not safe, it’s not just for females but for males as well. Not everyone knows how to do martial arts to protect themselves and this makes it even harder to survive. The easiest way to protect yourself from an attacker is to carry either a taser, which is an electrical device, or a pepper spray.

While we all should know some self-defense moves, it’s easier said than done and easy self-defense options are keeping a pepper spray. Pepper sprays are not that expensive. However, they aren’t easily available in Pakistan. So, we’ve come up with a recipe which you can easily make at home. These sprays tend to burn the eyes, not literally, and make your attacker stop in their tracks as they’re very potent.

Keep in mind that the homemade versions will not be as potent and will not have a longer range of spray. But, it’s better than carrying nothing.


  • Dried Chillis
  • Vinger/Water/Rubbing Alcohol
  • Baby Oil

You can choose your chillis according to your own liking. Here’s a chart that can explain in a better way about the heat each one carries. The higher the heat, the potent and more intense the spray. It’s better to use chillis between medium heat and hot so that your spray is effective enough.

Pepper for pepper spray

Once you have your chilis, you’ll need to dehydrate them. You can use a dehydrator or do it manually by keeping them under the sun in the open air. Once they are dried, proceed to crush them and soak them in a liquid of your choice. The liquid can be either water or vinegar or rubbing alcohol. Rubbing alcohol is not easy to find in Pakistan, so I’d recommend using vinegar as it’s better than water for this solution.

Soak the dried chili peppers in vinegar and mash them up properly so they are combined. Leave them soaked for about 10 to 12 hours. If you don’t have dried chilis, then you can also opt for chili powder. After you’ve soaked them for hours, add some baby oil into the mixture and mix well. The baby oil will help in keeping the liquid stuck to the eyes and clothes and make it harder to wash off.

Transfer this whole mixture into a bottle that can spray liquid. It can be any bottle just make sure that you can seal it properly. Keep it in your bag and travel. Your homemade pepper spray is ready. Also, keep in mind that the spray should have a top cap so you can prevent accidental spraying.

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