Does Pakistan Lack in Natural Resources?

Here is an amazing discovery in the barren lands of Balochistan, that we think might be of some use to the people of Pakistan.

Being a third-world country, Pakistan lacks in many different areas. Be it oil or be it petroleum industry of Pakistan, we are quite dependent on other countries for these goods. The people of Pakistan always face dire consequences when it comes to the price tags of these products. However, Pakistan is quite rich in its natural resources, but it is much undiscovered in Pakistan. Pakistan is rich in coal and gas, and that has been discovered mostly in Baluchistan.

Natural Resources

Yahya Khan, who is a traveler, visited Baluchistan few months ago, and found something that might be useful for the whole of Pakistan. DIESEL. Yes. He found Diesel in the rocky mountains of Baluchistan. Unlike other countries, Pakistan has always faced a crisis when it comes to petroleum rates in the country. Since Imran Khan’s government has taken over the government, the rates for diesel and petroleum have hiked like anything.


But if we are getting the same thing for free through natural resources, in our own country, why shouldn’t we go for it? Why can’t we just extract something that is in our reach. Yahya Khan, in his video, reaches his hand out in a hole and brings out petroleum, just as if it was right on the surface.

If it is this accessible, our government should work upon it and extract the resource, so that Pakistanis can come at peace. At least, in this one aspect of their daily lives.

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