Dua Mangi Still Not Found

Kidnapped from the roads of a posh area in Karachi, Dua Mangi's whereabouts still remain unknown, till time.

Karachi, the city of lights, is never seen in complete darkness. The chaos around the city makes it ‘safe’ for people to travel, as the crowd never diminishes. However, in a posh area of Karachi, DHA, a girl by name of Dua Mangi is kidnapped. The reason still remains unknown. Moreover, her friend, Harish Fatah, tried his level best saving her. But was shot in the neck and is fighting for his life. The details are yet unknown and have not been provided yet, however, they were just walking down the road from a tea shop.

The sad reality of our society is, that people are pointing out to what Dua is wearing in her display picture on Facebook. Firstly, that doesn’t makes any sense because it does not imply to what she was wearing the night she was kidnapped. Secondly, even if she was wearing the same clothes, it doesn’t justify her being kidnapped by some strangers on the road. People yet, shamelessly, commented on her sister’s post, trying to prove her clothes were the reason to the incident. Her sister had to actually ask people not to comment such things, in the end.

A family, that is going through trouble already, has to deal with such immoral people socially. Here are few of the examples.

Sadly, Dua hasn’t been found yet. It wrenches our heart to think over the condition she would be at the moment. And even more heart wrenching is the fact, her family has to hear comments from some douche-bags. Douche-bags, who are manly enough to exploit and comment, but not manly enough to help the family out.

We pray from all our heart that Dua is found as soon as possible. Also, prayers for Haris’s recovery from the wounds, mentally and physically both.

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