Esra Bilgic from Dirilis Ertugrul Responds to Pakistani Fans

Esra Bilgic plays the role of Halime Sultan in the famous Turkish drama called Dirilis Ertugrul which has been dubbed in Urdu by PTV for Pakistani viewers.

Esra Bilgic, who plays the role of Halime Sultan or better known as Halima Sultan, responds to her Pakistani fans. Esra Bilgic had previously received some harsh and vile comments from our typical Pakistanis. However, those few comments did not let Esra down but instead, she focused on the good ones and even replied.

She was sweet enough to reply to a few comments yesterday. Pakistan fans stormed with positivity and love after Esra posted a picture of herself on her Instagram. Compared to what Pakistanis had been commenting earlier, these felt rather kind and pleasing. One fan commented a whole paragraph out of love for the Turkish actress and she was nice enough to reply.

Esra Bilgic replied to one comment:

“I would like to say thank you with all my heart for your precious compliments. Your support makes me really happy. I’m waiting excitedly to meet you all in Pakistan after this period. Take good care of yourselves. Stay in peace and health.”

From her comments, it looks like she’s ready to visit Pakistan after the lockdown ends. Maybe in a post-pandemic Pakistan, we’ll get to see Halime Sultan in our country. Lowkey excited as I’m a huge fan too but we’ll see how that goes.

Esra Bilgic aka Halime Sultan has been one of the most popular Turkish actresses in Pakistan. PTV dubbed Dirilis Ertugrul in English after the national channel was instructed to air it by PM Imran Khan. Imran Khan was also quite inspired by the drama as it’s based on true historic events of Oghuz Muslims and set in the 13th century.

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