Ex-Muslim Couple Who Fled Pakistan & Rejected Islam Thinks They Are Fortunate

A couple, Comedian Sami Shah and his psychologist wife Ishma Alvi, turned their backs on Islam and left Pakistan for Australia, citing religious intolerance as the main reason as to why they opt out of such a peaceful religion. The couple has now declared that they are lucky to have escaped Pakistan with intact senses and full well-being.

Sami and Ishma along with their daughter reached small Western Australian town of Northam, North-east of Perth, in 2012. Alvi was able to arrange a migration visa for them, in order to leave a country “which executes people for blasphemy and disbelieving in God” quotes Daily Mail.

The couple allegedly left Pakistan and its practiced religion Islam because they think that the religion allows anyone to be killed, if they doesn’t want to practice it. There is a lot more that they have revealed in an upcoming episode of “Australian Story”.

Ex-Muslim Couple Who Fled Pakistan & Rejected Islam Thinks They Are Fortunate

Though the long-forgotten Pakistani television producer and satirist Sami struggled to get job in Australia, but he has managed to make his name their in comedy. The ex-Muslim constantly travels around the country for international comedy festivals. Recently, he has also penned his own book on the journey of leaving Islam in, ”The Islamic Republic Of Australia”.

The unfortunate couple explained that the reason of their transition is because the pages of Quran they think are as ‘maddening as a text’. Not only this, but Sami also condemns Islam and Quran regularly in his comedy too.

“What stood out for me wasn’t just the mass murder and carnage initiated by the extremists but also their religious justification for it.

“The religion I had been told my entire life was a religion of peace – an argument I myself had propagated when confronted with Islam’s critics while studying in America was comfortably being used as a religion of war,” he wrote in his book.

Ex-Muslim Couple Who Fled Pakistan & Rejected Islam Thinks They Are Fortunate

This argument by Sami and his wife has just left me awe-struck. Last I know, no religion preaches intolerance but its crooked followers can. How could you even call yourself “EX-MUSLIMS” when you weren’t even one in the first place? What I can’t comprehend is that how could you so easily debase a country and religion that has brought you up and given you the repute that you are so proudly enjoying.

Islam has always preached peace, love and empathy for mankind. If you and your stupid wife had ever read the Holy Book with intensity rather than your sadist thinking, then you could have easily understood it. I have nothing left to say, but just to remind you once that the same religion you are bashing around the world, is what you are using to get popularity too. Why can’t I just get over the fact that you and your wife are mere ploys, seeking out for fame and publicity no matter which way it comes?

In the end, we are so thankful that you people have left this country for good, because we can’t handle additional garbage, Australia might have some place for extra trash.