Fahad Mustafa’s ‘Dunk’ Nothing But Problematic

Fahad Mustafa's production house, Bing Bang Entertainment, is producing a new show Dunk which is nothing but toxic and problematic.

We’re all familiar with Fahad Mustafa and his production company, Big Bang Entertainment, who has been creating one problematic drama after another. Let’s not forget ‘Meray Pas Tum Ho‘ or ‘Jalan‘ and their incredibly toxic storyline. It is no surprise that Fahad Mustafa is behind Dunk as well.

Dunk is apparently a drama that sheds light on the cases of false accusations of sexual harassment. Starring Bilal Abbas Khan, Sana Javed, and Naumaan Ejaz- it is set to premiere on ARY Digital. Producer, Fahad Mustafa claims that it is incredibly ‘important’ to raise such issues because “95% cases of sexual harassment are genuine but in some cases, people are falsely accused, so we have to tell every kind of story,” he says.

While Fahad Mustafa so confidently talks about telling every kind of story, one may ask, what exactly is he doing for the 95% of ‘genuine’ cases of sexual harassment? Time after time, he has created problematic content, not only him but ARY Digital, in general, has also seemed to jump on the bandwagon of misogynistic content with dramas such as Dunk, Jalan, Nand, and many more. The list is literally endless.

Moreover, Dunk producer, Fahad Mustafa had the audacity to say “We have always tried to show different kinds of stories.” “We also made a drama Meri Guriya which told the story of the rape victim Zainab. As a producer, it is my responsibility to tell every kind of story and I believe people will enjoy watching this drama,” he added.

In an interview, when probed over Fahad Mustafa’s stance over the Ali Zafar and Meesha Shafi case, which in reality is not even a case at the moment since the court is yet to announce a verdict, he went onto say, “I do not know much details about the case, but all I know is that Ali has suffered a lot at the professional front, it is a huge loss for Ali and his family.” Mustafa added that “I think, brands should set an example by working with the people who have been falsely accused of sexual harassment.”

His statements have left people outraged and resentment towards Dunk has grown, it is nothing but sad to see that our entertainment society is now cashing such sensitive matters to produce entertainment. While his idea may be creative and new, his intentions behind it do not align with his statements.

Dunk and the producers of Dunk, including Fahad Mustafa, are being labeled as rape apologists. In all honesty, the misogyny and toxicity are so evident in our industry- there is no space for growth. What message does this portray to the people, paying ‘tribute’ to falsely accused victims is not some achievement. This only makes things harder, as women or men will think twice before reporting because their claims will probably be dismissed as false.

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