Fearing the Pain of Underprivileged People in Pakistan

Most people in Pakistan might be at peace in their homes, but there are many more who are troubled because of this lockdown.

Pakistan, which its self is a developing country, doesn’t have much to give to its people. With many people living below the poverty line, it is hard for them to earn in the country. Where on one place there are majority of people living at ease in their homes, there are others who are restless about their present. Where middle and upper class have issues of being stuck at home because they can’t socialize, there this underprivileged class needs to go out to earn. Most of the lower class earns just enough to feed their family that particular day.

If thought about it, we can see many people around us who work on daily earnings. However, that daily earning is also not enough for them. Nevertheless, by hook or by crook they take enough money home to feed their families. But in such times of crisis, they have been left alone. Not that different people are not providing them through welfare, but usually, in such cases, an underprivileged earning person usually lives in the dilemma of maintaining self esteem and providing their families, simultaneously.

Those who earn, like to earn and eat, rather than taking from a welfare. Recently, a rickshaw driver had the same thing to say.



Moreover, Pakistan, is a country that hosts different minorities belonging to different sects and religions. When provided through ‘Zakat’, those who are non-Muslims can’t benefit from that. There are many places where NGOs distributed food, but wasn’t given to non-Muslims residing there. They, too, are humans and Pakistanis, and should have been provided, if not with ‘Zakat’ but though some other means.

It is surely a hard time on each and everyone of us. But we should be more considerate about those who are underprivileged and need our support.

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