Fly With The Best Airlines In Aviation

As more Pakistanis travel than ever before, we have complied an article highlighting some of the best brands in aviation with whom to travel with.

One of people’s favourite hobbies in the world is traveling. There is nothing like a great getaway to an exotic location to help relive the stress and pressures of daily life. However, one of the questions that arises is choosing which airline to travel with. This article helps shed a light on some of the best brands in aviation.


One of the most popular brands in all of aviation, Emirates has truly revolutionized the aviation industry by offering a state-of-the-art entertainment system filled with a wide selection of movies, tv shows and music playlists (known as ICE). It is also renowned for its highly comfortable and luxurious first and business class. The Emirates A380 has an onboard lounge allowing you to have free drinks and the opportunity to meet new people. It also has a flatbed that allows you to sleep peacefully, especially during a long-haul flight. The first class is even more lavish as it provides you with your own private suite. It also comes with an onboard shower spa.


Etihad Airways:

The Abu Dhabi based carrier has truly made its way up the ranks as being one of the best airlines in the world. Its inflight services are highly well renowned. The entertainment system is extremely diverse with over 180 movies, 350 tv shows, on demand music and live news and sports. On board their business class they serve a scrumptious three course meal and like their counterpart Emirates, they too have an on-board lounge, a place to drink and socialize with new people. One of Etihad’s renowned feature is The Residence, a three-room luxury apartment comprising of a shower room, a private bedroom and a living area.

Etihad Airways

Qatar Airways:

Being ranked as the best airline in the world on five different occasions by Skytrax, this five-star airline offers a remarkable flying experience for its passengers. Qatar Airway’s  business class was awarded the best in the world by Skytrax this year. Its business class seats are regarded as the most comfortable and has the ability to turn into a full flat bed. It has also introduced the Q suite. A luxurious and innovative form of business class like no other. It has the most relaxing seats and allows you to move the panel providing people with the ability to talk to each other, which is highly convenient for family and friends traveling together.

Qatar Airways

Turkish Airlines:

Flying to more destinations than any other carrier, the Turkish based carrier has been seen by many in the aviation industry as one of the best in Europe and the world. As part of its business class, the seats turn into a full flat bed with a seat control panel, a personal reading lamp, massage feature and an adjustable and rotating food table. The catering services on board Turkish Airline’s business class is highly well regarded. The airline also provides business class travelers with the privilege of extra baggage allowance.

Turkish Airlines


The national carrier has under gone some massive improvements with regards to its inflight services. There is greater leg space and the seats recline into a full flat bed. Business class travelers also have the privilege of extra baggage allowance meaning you can carry additional luggage with you. Other benefits of being a business class passenger includes priority check in counters meaning your check in is quite smooth and swift. PIA also has been highly regarded for the tasty food they serve on board their flight.

Pakistan International Airlines

Serene Air:

Started in 2017, the airline has made its mark on the domestic aviation market. As part of their on-board catering services, they offer a new meal each day, thereby enhancing the dining experience of their passengers. As part of its interior design, it has incorporated LED lighting. Serene Air has the feature of a pre reserved seat option as part of their booking. What also separates them from their domestic competitors is their highly professional and gregarious cabin crew.

Serene Air
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