Government Floods Minar-i-Pakistan to Stop PDM

Tensions rising between the government and the Pakistan Democratic Movement (PDM), to stop their upcoming rally the government floods Minar-i-Pakistan.

On Tuesday, 8th December, the government decided to flood the lawns on Minar-i-Pakistan to stop the latest Pakistan Democratic Movement (PDM) public meeting, which was to be held on the 13th of December. The PDM termed this act by the government as a failed attempt to sabotage the movement.

Similarly, with an alliance to the government flooding the lawns of Minar-i-Pakistan, Buzdar’s administration also imposed a smart lockdown in 45 distinct areas in Lahore, including the PDM meeting’s venue. The opposition claimed that Buzdar was a puppet acting upon PTI’s orders to stop the rally, however, PDM is sure that all their efforts will fail.

Moreover, the government is making sure to register cases against anyone and everyone taking part in the PDM corner rallies and meetings and also warning any caterers from extending their services for the Dec 13th power show.

The government is yet to provide the PDM with the permission to hold its meeting at Minar-i-Pakistan. They are skeptical due to the Covid-19 situation. The opposition claims that the government flooded Minar-i-Pakistan in an attempt to stop their meeting. PTI created problems for their last meeting as well which took place on 30th November, however, the opposition simply held the meeting on the road.

As soon as PMLN members got knowledge of the government flooding Minar-i-Pakistan, they rushed to the venue and closed the hosepipes. “The PTI government released water at Minar-i-Pakistan in the early hours of Tuesday. When we learned about it we rushed there and stopped further watering (by the administration),” PML-N lawmaker from Mohni Road Bilal Yasin told reporters at the venue.

According to Mr. Mohni, the Prime Minister was so upset with Ms. Maryam Nawaz’s last meeting on Monday that he had instructed the government to flood Minar-i-Pakistan. “I ask Imran Khan to at least respect his office of the prime minister,” he said.

Moreover, Maryam Nawaz took to Twitter and said, “This action reflects the fear of Taabedar Khan (obedient Khan) that his government is being sent packing. The Lahore rally will be held and the government will be sent home too.”

Special Assistant to CM Punjab for Information, Firdous Ashiq Awan, was quick to defend the government and clarified that this amount of water was needed to water the plants. “The way life of plants is connected with water, similarly Rajkumari (Maryam)’s life is connected with lies,” she said in a tweet.

During the last three days, the Lahore police registered over 20 FIRs booking over 2,000 PML-N workers and leaders for committing Covid-19 SOPs violation and roadblock. PML-N spokesperson Marriyum Aurangzeb, Talal Chaudhry, MNA Malik Riaz, and MNA Shizra Mansab are among the PML-N leaders booked.

Maryam Nawaz and other PMLN leaders believe that the PTI government is threatened by PMLN which is why they keep registering FIRs against everyone, and Ms. Nawaz further states that the government can try whatever tactics they’d like such as flooding the Minar-i-Pakistan, they will not be able to stop the PDM from reaching success.

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