Hair Trends To Look Out For This 2019

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Hair trends keep changing as the season does, these are the uber chic and coolest trends that have taken over the runways and are predicted to rule the year, both on and off the runway.


The latest in thing after the hair band trend is the hatband. Don’t know what it is? Well, its exactly what the name suggests; A hairband big enough to be a hat. This look was seen being showcased on the 2019 spring/summer  Prada runway. The look is completed with baby bangs.

Statement Clips


A trend which has been carried forward from 2018, Bold Statement pieces in the form of clips highlighting different words and phrases as well as chunky rhinestones embedded atop clips.

Blunt Bob

Bob, Lob, and bangs have been the it-look which is versatile and comes in many iterations.The blunt bob is in this season aswell,so gear up to rock this look while you have the chance!

According to Sam Burnett, founder and creative director of London’s Hare & Bone,

“The blunt, jaw-length bob is going to be the biggest haircut for 2019,”


Dress for your hair color



This hair trend uprooted during the Marc Jacobs Spring/summer 2019 runway,  in which the outfit fabric color is matched to that of your hair.It was hot on the runway and is soon to make its way through to the millennials.