Happy Birthday to the Maestro – Abida Parveen

Ms Abida Parveen turns 65 today. Here is sneak peak on Abida Parveen Sahiba's life. Happy Birthday to the living legend.

When someone talks about Pakistan, they also talk about Pakistani Music. And when someone talks about music, it is impossible not to talk about Abida Parveen Sahiba. Abida Parveen Sahiba has been singing since early 70s. Her father, Ustad Ghulam Haider, gave her the basic training. Initially, she performed in Dargahs, usually on different death anniversaries. Her first break was in 1973 on Radio Pakistan, where the nation heard her live. However, in 1977, she was signed by Radio Pakistan as their official Singer. Since then, begun her journey of life in the music industry.

Abida Parveen Sahiba’s Childhood

Abida Parveen Sahiba has chosen Sufi Music as her Genre in the industry. From singing in Pakistan to getting her license for Bollywood industry, it has been a long run for the maestro. Apart from singing, Abida Parveen Sahiba also knows to play Pump organ, Keyboard and Sitar. Moreover, she has also judged many different shows all over the world.

Due to her stunning and outstanding voice, Abida Parveen Sahiba has been rewarded various times. Few of her prestigious achievements are

  • Pride of Performance Award (1984) by the President of Pakistan.
  • Sitara-e-Imtiaz Award (2005) by President Pervez Musharaff.
  • Hilal-e-Imtiaz Award (2012) by President Asif Ali Zardari.
  • Lifetime Achievement Award at the Kaladharmi Begum Akhtar Academy of Ghazal in India (2012).
  • She had been awarded in Dhaka International Folk Fest 2015.
  • PISA Lifetime Achievement Award – 2020.
Abida Parveen Sahiba’s receiving award

Everyone who loves Sufi music, listens to Abida Parveen Sahiba, worldwide. Regardless of her age, her voice still remains the same. With the same intensity, we hope and pray, there are many more years added to her life. And we pray that Abida Parveen Sahiba keeps blessing us with her euphonious voice. Hence, Happy Birthday to the living legend.

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