Has Corona Even Originated From China?

There are many conspiracy theories as to from where did Coronavirus originate, but here is a lead that we picked. Do give it a read!

The world is bothered at the moment, due to the pandemic coronavirus. It has taken more than 3000 lives worldwide and more than 50,000 cases are still being treated.  And the blame goes to Wuhan, China, from where it has ‘originated’. But has it actually originated from China, as people and all other countries are claiming? We doubt. And well, the doubt goes to one obvious country, the United States of America. Not only because they are capable of doing so as they have done in the past, but also because the two countries weren’t engaging in a conventional war. And the US had to do something to bring China down. Basically, in the economical war the two countries were fighting for long.

However, if we look back in the past, and analyze the last one year in regards to US and China, we see strains of evidence. Evidences which might be a potential proof for the origination of Coronavirus. Let’s take the whole scenario in a timeline, so it is easier to explain and understand, side by side.

August 2019:

On 6th August 2019 Fort Detrick, a prominent germ lab in Maryland  was sent a “cease and desist” notice. Fort Detrick is famously known for its defensive research upon deadly pathogens, which included organisms like Ebola and life taking viruses. Why was the lab shut down? Well, because the lab did not have a proper channel of disposing of waste produced there. However, when CDC was questioned over it, they said they can’t say anything over it due to “national security reasons”. Moreover, the lab was working on germs known as ‘select agents’. According to the government, “the potential to pose a severe threat to public, animal or plant health or to animal or plant products.”


This kind of shows that there had been a certain leak of a certain virus outside the lab, from a lab located in Maryland.

August – September 2019:

In these couple of months, an outrage rose in the United States. It claimed that people were being affected by vaping and their lungs kept on seizing. What was shocking about this was, that people had been vaping for a decade and no such issue rose prior to this. But this issue took around 60 lives, that too only in the US. Moreover, people also vaped outside the US, but no such issue was found elsewhere, although countries did take measures against it. There were many doctors all across the state, who wanted to inquire about the reasons, however, no particular reason came forward. There were assumptions it was due to excessive vaping. Nevertheless, it rules out as people have been vaping for ages and again, there are people who have been vaping around all over the world.

August 2019 – January 2020:

Since August, strong flu took over the whole of the United States. According to the CDC, 9.7 million cases of flu were reported. Between 6000 and 12000 deaths took place all across the country. Nevertheless, a shocking research shows, that those affected were ≥65 (47.6 per 100,000 population). “Unfortunately, [B viruses] seems to be taking a higher toll on very young children, more so than in previous years,” Aaron E. Glatt, MD, a spokesperson for the Infectious Diseases Society of America told Contagion. The strains found in these are A & B. These usually include symptoms such as fatigue, cough, sore throat, body aches, chills, and fever. These strains are the same as Coronavirus. However, there was speculation made by Director CDC.

So we can say, that there were cases of coronavirus before December 26th when the first case came forward in Wuhan, China.

October 2019: 

Every four years, International Military Sports Council (CISM) organizes Military World Games in different countries. In 2019, the event was hosted by China in Wuhan, where there were almost 350 US Military athletes visiting Wuhan. Sadly, they couldn’t win the tournament. Nevertheless, there were five players from US who were hospitalized in Wuhan. It was due to some sort of pulmonary infection. These five were being treated in Wuhan Jinyintan Hospital.

It means that the virus was prevailing before the information that was spread in regards to wet markets of China. Just by the way, these players also toured the country and went on to different places to explore China.

Post December 2019:

Post-December 2019, there have been several organizations and different people stating that the first patient ‘Patient Zero’ caught the virus because of eating bats in Wuhan. However, the confusing part is, how did people found it out? Because the Chinese Government is still unsure of who the ‘Patient Zero’ is. Furthermore, the Chinese population hasn’t started eating animals recently. They have been eating them for decades. So why did it eventually come out now and not prior to this? However, it is still uncertain, from where did it actually come.

So all in all, like all other conspiracy theories this is also an assumption here. However, if all of it is true, then we can say that it is unfair to blame China for the Pandemic. And the actual origin should be known. Not only so that an action can be taken against it, but also so that the country might help to create vaccines against it. Not to forget, that the US has already made a vaccine today and has also tested on four different volunteers.

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