Here is Why Kim Kardashian’s Skin Always Looks Flawless

Kim Kardashian may have her own makeup line KKW Beauty, but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t use any other products. You see Kim having a flawless finish at every event she goes too and you’ve probably wondered what’s her secret.

The secret is about to be revealed: her go-to product for that flawless coverage is the Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation! Yep, that’s right; she loves the foundation and is her ride or die product. In fact, even Meghan Markle reportedly loves it.

Kim did a recent tutorial on her app where she showed how she achieves that perfect foundation application. She also loves the Laura Mercier Translucent Loose Setting Powder to set her under eyes and bake her face.

The Giorgio Armani foundation is something a lot of celebs love, like Rashida Jones, Kylie Jenner and Cate Blanchett. It has a lightweight foundation and initially gives a sheer look but can be layered to achieve a full coverage appeal. It literally makes your skin glow, which is why you need to grab it right away!

Perfect foundation is essential for someone like Kim Kardashian since she takes a lot of selfies. It’s time you make your selfies perfect as well!